Shelly Van Skyhawk

I have been interested in health and natural medicine since I was young. My father and grandfather were both pharmacists, and I was the kid bringing them books on herbal medicine and asking questions about using natural healing methods versus dispensing prescription medications. Although my curiosity was not warmly embraced by my conventionally minded family, it rooted deeply within me a fascination about the human body’s immense capacity for healing.

I also had an awareness that I was highly sensitive being. I could feel the emotions and energy patterns of others around me and was often overwhelmed by the intensity of daily life. As I learned to contain and direct my own energy and set healthy energetic boundaries with others, I was able to find my way, discovering my path, my power and my purpose.

I have had the privilege of learning under the guidance of many incredible teachers and masters of their field. My education encompasses Nutritional Therapy and Energy Medicine, and ranges from certification through the International Coaching Federation to becoming credentialed in various forms of Hypnotherapy. I am a certified Eating Psychology Specialist and a Level 3 Reiki Practitioner.

I have been working with women for over a decade and a half around cultivating their ability to deeply care for themselves, to trust their bodies, to listen to their own inner compass, to strengthen their resilience and to stand in their courage to reach for the life of their dreams.

I am passionate about honoring, supporting and guiding women in their journey into personal empowerment. I am deeply devoted to being a part of growing a thriving tribe of women who celebrate one another as we bloom, individually and collectively, into the bountiful, radiant, bold and brilliant beings we are all designed to be.

I welcome the opportunity to partner with you and help you ignite the fullness of the power within yourself.

xo Shelly

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