Luminous Woman Academy

Celebrating the Divine Feminine


This year-long course is intended to bring women into the fullness of their personal power, activating transformation at the cellular level for dynamic growth and rich unfoldment.

This course offers a beautiful blending of time-honored, ancient healing arts with modern therapeutic practices. We consciously call in the wisdom of our Divine Feminine; we confront, befriend, learn from and then alchemize our shadow aspects, and throughout the program growing, building resilience and fully claiming our luminescent Goddess nature.

Goddess Boot Camp is an accelerated personal evolution process, designed to honor your empathic, feminine nature and unleash your natural wild woman archetype, allowing all of who you are to show up and thrive in a massive way.

Practical Magic

Mommahawk’s School of Mysterial Arts

Calling all healers, empaths, artists, creative souls and highly sensitive beings; this one’s for you!

This powerful, year-long program is designed to support you, not only in activating and strengthening your healing abilities, but also in teaching you essential self-care practices that are imperative for all light workers.

In this course, you will learn all about the world of subtle energy and metaphysics, become familiar with the various healing modalities and develop expertise in managing your own heightened energetic sensitivity. You will develop trust and skill in interpreting and working with your intuitive guidance as you build your strength and resilience, becoming a beautiful, clear channel for the Divine to work through you.

Through this program, you will more fully understand how to utilize your unique gifts and more confidently navigate your path ahead so that you can fully embrace the powerful vessel of love and light you are destined to be in this world. 


Hypnotherapy Weight Release Program

I am deeply passionate about helping women to love themselves and to live in bodies that feel vibrant and strong, sexy and energetic and resilient.

What I know from working with hundreds of women is that when we feel fat, when our bodies feel bulky and sluggish and cumbersome, we can’t get to that place of vibrancy and vivaciousness. When our bodies are too heavy, they weigh us down on a physical level, affecting our health in numerous ways. And it weighs us down emotionally and energetically. We just don’t feel good about ourselves when we are carrying around excess weight.

Using the incredible power of the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy, this program gets your mind and your body working together for the purpose of bringing you back to your natural, healthy body size in the most effective, the most direct, and the most sustainable way possible.

This course is a holistic, mind/body/spirit approach to weight release that takes into account all of who we are as women. It gets to all the underlying factors that lead to weight issues, addresses and shifts them so that your body can more easily return to its natural, balanced, healthy weight.

You will come away from this program, not only pounds lighter, but also filled with greater love for yourself and for your body and a deeper appreciation for your life. If you don’t feel FABULOUS in the body you have right now at the weight you are at right now, then it’s time to claim your inner radiance once again.

Sugar Busters Cooking Classes

As women, we are designed for pleasure. Being able to fully receive pleasure, in all of its forms, is a powerful part of the work I do with clients.

With that said, I believe that white, refined sugar, and its partner, refined carbohydrates, are among the most health-destructive substances in our lives.

My belief is that we need pleasure that we can count on to enhance our vitality and support our desire for joyful satisfaction. We deserve to be able to fully enjoy the sensual pleasure of food without the negative consequences undermining our health and our radiance.

This is the spirit in which Sugar Busters was born. Join my program and let me teach you how to prepare and enjoy all the decadent treats that you love in a healthier, more nutritious way.

This 4 week series is designed to be fun, interactive and best of all – super delicious and guilt-free!

Soul Food Sundays

Meditation and Devotional Chanting Group

Gaining enlightenment is an accident.
Spiritual practice simply makes us accident prone.

– Suzuki Roshi

Soul Food Sundays is an ongoing, weekly meditation & devotional chanting group, offering a lovely way to enhance your spiritual practice. Experience among the many lingering benefits: enhanced mindfulness, stress reduction, a sense of inner peace and plenty of heart-centered connection.

Feel free to join us anytime; we meet every Sunday from 10-11am.

Healing with Horses

Horses are master healers. They possess the natural ability to create a sacred connection, revealing to us our authentic truth, healing our inner wounds, attuning us to immense heart expansion and unveiling our truest essence. In short, horses have the profound ability to reconnect us with our most Sacred self.

Horses are highly intuitive beings and are divine reflectors, mirroring back to us our energy, our shadows, our light. Time spent in communion with a horse is indescribably nourishing, authentically empowering, deeply healing and powerfully transformative. It is a beautiful way to bring head and heart back into balance, rediscover your own wild-at-heart nature and create life-changing, permanent shifts.

It is my deepest honor to facilitate and inspire relationships between women and horses. The horses do the healing work, as we all get to bask in the deliciousness of this rich process.

Goddess Puja Ceremonies

We gather together on a monthly basis, on or around the full moon, to offer worship to the Hindu goddesses and to release from within ourselves anything that no longer serves us.

Under the guidance of Ben Collins, Hindu Monk and Vedic astrologer, we are guided through a traditional Puja ritual, allowing us to connect and align vibrationally with the luminous goddess qualities that we wish to strengthen and integrate within ourselves.

The evenings are intermingled with enchanting stories and insights about the deities as well as teachings about Vedic astrology, making these gatherings a very magical and absolutely delightful experience.