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  • Reboot your Energy — get your MOJO back
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  • Break through limitations and roadblocks
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I believe that each one of us has the ability to live a life that we love in a body that feels strong, energetic and above all healthy.
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I believe that aligning with our passion and fulfilling our dreams requires focus, confidence, support and guidance. That’s where I can help.
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Get started now. I welcome your inquiries, questions, and comments about being your holistic health coach and can be reached via return email and phone.
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Shelly Van Skyhawk, Holistic Health Coach


About Shelly

I have the privilege of having a career doing something I absolutely love. As a holistic health coach, I work with people like you every day, helping them to restore their vitality and energy ~ their zest for life. As a Nutritional Therapist and a Life Coach, I am deeply enriched by connecting with you in this way and am devoted to supporting you in finding your way back to your truest, best self. I find nothing more gratifying than to see that spark come back into your eyes, and have you begin to feel really good again as you restore your health and vigor.

I believe that it is entirely possible for each of us to live a fulfilled, gratifying, purposeful life, and take that very personally in my own life as well. To be able to guide others, I feel very strongly about the principle of leading by example. I am committed to doing my own personal growth work and living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. As I reach my 55th birthday this year, I am deeply committed to living well and aging radiantly, and am delighted to take you with me and share this journey with you.

Shelly Van Skyhawk